Key Models & Talent Agency, LLC

Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is a high energy person who is paid to endorse or promote a company’s products or services in a positive light.

Brand Ambassadors make their own schedules by selecting events that fit their schedule. There are no set hours each week like a typical part time job. One day you may apply to work a 2 hour event and then a few days later you may apply to work an event that is 4 hours.

Brand Ambassadors can earn between $15-35/hour for events that can be 2 hours to 8 hours or more.

Key Models requires our team to have Responsible Vendor’s Permits. This is a training class you can take in person or online for an average of 2 hours. The cost of this training is $20-25 and the permit lasts for 4 years.

To work events, typically all black attire is required. This attire is provided by the Brand Ambassador. If there are other attire requirements, there will be advance notice provided. This can include items such as white or khaki shorts or pants. Nude or brown shoes. In some cases, our clients will provide a branded shirt or other attire for staff to wear.

Brand Ambassadors are also required to provide their own transportation. Most Key Models’ events qualify for travel reimbursement, which can include parking, gas, travel time, and/or tolls.

If you would like to become a Key Models’ Brand Ambassador, complete this Casting Call Registration Form to be contacted.